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Smart Use of Cannabis

Coffeeshop The Corner encourages smart use of cannabis. Hash and marijuana can be used as medicines with a variety of effects, such as relieving pain and dulling emotions. Cannabis can also strengthen certain feelings, lower blood pressure, cause fatigue and cause a sudden desire for food. It is also possible that, during your trip, you get a different view of the world.


In the Netherlands, cannabis and products derived from cannabis are regarded as soft drugs under criminal law. Just as with alcohol, driving on a public road with THC in your blood is a felony under the Road Traffic Act. On this page, we want to convey how you can use cannabis in smart way.


Cannabis is the Latin name for hemp and is a natural product derived from a plant. This plant, with exceptional effects, is known by many names, such as marijuana, weed and grass. Cannabis consists of the dried flower buds of the cannabis plant, preferably from an unfertilized, female plant.


Hash or hashish is made from the resin of these flower buds. The resin is pressed together into a concentrated block. The most important substance that causes these effects is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Every type of hash or marijuana contains different amounts of THC.


The Corner would like to tell our customers what the risks of using cannabis can be and in what form they can take. Upon using cannabis, customers may have issues with thinking logically and/or problems with their memory. Both new and regular cannabis users can sometimes suffer from psychological disorders. Those already with less stable mental health can be more sensitive to this. If you smoke cannabis, tar will get into your lungs and can cause damage, just as with smoking a regular cigarette.


Another risk is a bad trip. If you take too much cannabis at the same time, then you may experience the following symptoms: heart palpitations, excessive sweating, loss of control, queasiness, fear, and paranoia. Cannabis must always be used responsibly. Frequent use can lead to addiction, both psychological and physical. Do not drink alcohol before or after using cannabis. The Corner therefore advises a smart use of cannabis.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us via our contactform.


The effects of our high-quality products can be felt within a few minutes to an hour after use and can last for a maximum of four hours. The effects of the use of cannabis can be subdivided into psychological and physical effects. These effects are all temporary: so they disappear after a maximum of four hours. If you have a bad trip, try to relax and find a calm place where you can wait until the effects of the cannabis have worn off. Non-alcoholic sugary drinks often help against these symptoms.